Trends: Wheat straw plates

Wheat straw is a byproduct of wheat grain production. It’s often destroyed in many parts of the world.

But this byproduct is increasingly being used as a premium food grade material.

And for good reason. Once broken down with bacteria and mixed with sugar, the material has several properties that make it ideal for modern-day consumer products.

Wheat straw is biodegradable, microwave and freezer safe, lightweight, sturdy, and FDA approved.

Which makes wheat straw the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic plates and utensils.

What's next:
Wheat straw plates are the latest item in the Plastic Alternatives meta trend.

According to National Geographic, plastic trash flow into the ocean every year is forecast to 3x by 2040. It’s a big problem that’s getting worse.

And 57% of Generation Z in the US prefer to purchase environmentally sustainable products (Statista).

In fact, Unilever’s most eco-friendly brands have grown 46% faster than their other products.

Other fast growing products in the category include bamboo cutlery, silicone straws, and beeswax wrap.


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