[Trends] Teamflow

Teamflow is a video-based workplace collaboration software designed to simulate the office environment virtually.

Each team member has their own “video bubble” on a virtual office floor plan. And can “move around” to hear what others are saying around that bubble.

Besides a Zoom-like video communication tool, Teamflow also has team collaboration features, like screen-sharing, scratchpads, and timers.

Teamflow registered over 50,000 hours of user testing during the private beta. And had 1,000 users on their waitlist before opening up to the public.

The startup has raised $49.9M across three funding rounds this year.

What's next:
TeamFlow is a part of the virtual office platform meta trend.

74% of companies plan to shift in-office employees to more remote work after COVID-19.

However, according to Gartner, issues with collaboration, communication, and loneliness are three of the most common struggles that staff on distributed teams report.

Which is why there’s growing demand for software designed to simulate the physical workspace.

Other growing virtual office platforms include Tandem, Branch, Pragli, Gather, and My Digital Office.

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