[Trends] Snail mucin

Snail mucin is essentially the slime from a snail.

The compound is rich in a compound known as hyaluronic acid, believed to moisturize the skin and stimulate collagen production. Which is why a growing number of beauty brands are adding snail mucin to their products.

In some national markets, snail mucin-focused beauty brand COSRX sells a bottle of this serum every 20 seconds.

One industry study estimated that the snail beauty market could grow to as much as $12B by 2029.

What's next:
Snail mucin is part of the K-Beauty meta trend.

Korean cosmetics exports have grown at an average of 26% per year since 2015.

And the global K-Beauty market is expected to triple to $31.6B within the next 8 years.

Meanwhile, cosmetics brands from all over the world are drawing from the Korean influence. Products like acne patches, sheet masks, scalp brushes, and skin serums are all surging in popularity.

Examples of growing K-Beauty brands include Dr Botanicals, Cliganic, Purito, and True Botanicals

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