[Trends] Pampas gras decor

Now that so many professional interactions happen over video from home, there’s demand for home decor that’s more interesting than a blank white wall, but not distracting or tacky. Pampas grass is affordable, minimalist, and big enough to be visible on a small screen.

With consumers stuck inside, reminders of the outdoors are at a premium. Since pampas grass is already dried and therefore doesn't require watering, it’s a set-and-forget way to get some nature into the Zoom window.

Pampas grass decor is the rare mass-produced product that’s more popular on Etsy than Amazon for two main reasons. First, the grass is fragile, and sheds a lot, meaning that it needs to be packaged carefully, something Etsy’s small-business owners have, based on reviews, done a better job at than sellers on other sites like Amazon.

Second, pampas grass was a popular decoration for weddings before it became a home decor staple (most of the product descriptions on Etsy still use the term “wedding” somewhere in the copy). Based on online discussion, many consumers making purchases for their wedding decorations appear to want to feel like they are buying bespoke items and not skimping.

Oftentimes, considering the implications of the channel a product is being sold on is just as important as the decision of which audience to target in the first place.


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