[Trends] Japandi

Japandi is an interior design style that combines elements from Japanese and Scandinavian traditions.

A survey from Furniture Today found that 29% of consumers cite “modern” as their favorite home decor style – up from just 9% two years ago.

The same survey found that “traditional” was the second most popular style, chosen by 23% of respondents.

The Scandinavian concept of “hygge” relates to comfort and coziness. When fused with some of the more modern aspects of Japanese design, Japandi hits both of these consumer decor tastes.

We’re seeing a growing number of Japandi products on Etsy and Amazon. In fact, one Etsy store has sold more than 3,000 Japandi planters to date.

What's next:
Japandi is part of the home improvement 2.0 meta trend.

Home Depot reported that average consumer spending rose by 10% after the first lockdowns came into effect.

This growth is set to continue as the global home decor market is forecast to rise to $838.6B by 2027 (up from $616.6B in 2019).

For example, Deconovo is a DTC furnishings company specializing in curtains. The startup’s annual revenue is now $5.1M.

Other rapidly-growing brands within the category include Carvapet, Backdrop, and Modway.

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