[Trends] Crello

Crello is a browser-based design platform for creating social media images, like Instagram post images and YouTube thumbnails.

The company reports that they have over 2M (free and paid) users.

Crello’s founder, Dmitry Sergeev, also founded Depositphotos, which has raised $8M in funding to date. Crello itself hasn’t disclosed any funding rounds.

What's next:
Crello is part of the Design Tools for Non-Designers meta trend.

Until recently, most design software (like Adobe InDesign) was geared towards graphic design professionals.

But now that 3 billion people post regularly on social media, there’s growing demand for accessible design tools.

Growing companies in this space include:

Snappa: bootstrapped design tool startup that recently hit $138K MRR.

Canva: the current market leader. Brings in an estimated $234M ARR.

Bannerbear: API-based SaaS tool for creating social media banners. The startup grew from $859 MRR to $17.4K MRR in 12 months.

VEED: Social-focused video editor that’s currently generating $432K MRR.

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