[Trends] Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is Etsy for graphic design.

In other words, it’s a marketplace for digital content like fonts, icons and illustrations. With over 1 million assets currently available (and growing fast).

Aside from a la carte purchases, Creative Fabrica also offers product bundles and subscriptions. For example, their “All Access” subscription plan allows unlimited downloads for $29 per month.

The Dutch startup raised a $7M Series A in January.

What's next:
Creative Fabrica is part of the “niche marketplaces” meta trend.

Generalist marketplaces like eBay have been around for decades. But specialty marketplaces are starting to have a bigger role.

For example:

Dwarf Factory is a marketplace for custom keycaps for mechanical keyboards.

PWCC Marketplace is a marketplace for collectible cards.

StockX is for collectible sneakers.

Pachama is for carbon offset projects.

Credible is for student loans.

And Royalty Exchange is for music right

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