[Trends] Cocktail smoker

Searches for cocktail smokers have more than doubled since we first covered them in March. And demand looks set to overtake the previous winter peak later this year.

A cocktail smoker is a device for injecting smoke into cocktail drinks.

Specifically, the device burns wood chips, which pipes smoke through to a glass box. This gives the drink inside a strong smoky flavor.

The first iterations of this product were designed for pro mixologists. But a variety of no-frills cocktail smokers have recently launched on Amazon. Including a best-seller that generates an estimated $97.4K in monthly gross revenue.

What's next:
Cocktail smokers are part of the Physical Product Long Tail meta trend.

We’re seeing a growing number of long tail DTC products hit the market. Other examples of this trend include custom keycaps, galaxy projectors, mom jeans, and blue light glasses.

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