[Trends] Circle

Circle is a platform for creators to build member communities.

Currently, two of the most popular community platforms are Slack and Facebook.

But unlike Slack, Circle is asynchronous. And unlike Facebook, Circle is purpose-built for smaller communities.

As a result, it’s been adopted by creators with growing brands like Makerpad, Smart Passive Income and Forte Labs. As well as the course-building platform Teachable.

Circle has raised $4M in VC funding to date.

What's next:
Circle is part of the “creator economy tools” meta trend.

More and more people are building audiences and creating products to sell them. Which is driving a growing need for tools that make the process easier.

For example:

Mighty Networks offers community management as well as a website builder and course builder. It has raised $66M to date.

Superpeer helps people sell coaching calls to followers. It raised $10M in seed funding last year.

Patreon, Buy Me a Coffee and OnlyFans let creators collect donations or sell recurring memberships.

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