[Trends] The Pink Stuff

The Pink Stuff is a household cleaning products brand.

The label has become a viral sensation on social media. #ThePinkStuff videos have amassed 230M views on TikTok, often featuring alongside #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt (4.5B views).

These videos primarily feature The Pink Stuff’s cleaning paste, designed for use on stains. The product has received over 78K ratings on Amazon. And AmzScout estimates that the product brings in $37K per day.

What's next:
The Pink Stuff is part of the “viral cleaning hacks” meta trend.

Like The Pink Stuff, #CleaningHacks is an extremely popular hashtag on TikTok — to the tune of 2.4B views. While the “cleaning” hashtag has amassed 15.6B views to date.

Individual accounts dedicated to cleaning have gathered huge numbers of followers on social media. Clean My Space has 1.76M YouTube subscribers. While “The Queen of Clean” has 246K followers on Instagram. Which is why influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly viable channel for the cleaning industry.

For instance, cleaning brands Zoflora and Minky both saw products sell out nationwide after they were promoted by Mrs Hinch (4.1M Instagram followers).

Other cleaning products that have seen growth accelerated through social channels include Folex and Mrs Meyer’s.

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