Suction plats

Suction plates: An industry that is growing every day

One driver of parents' spending is the need to buy new products to enable what used to be their normal activities before having kids. Kid-ready Android tablets and Disney+ subscriptions are partly a way for parents to return to a time when they could work at home for an hour or two, or take a nap. And suction plates are becoming a popular option for parents who want to take kids to a restaurant, without worrying that they'll dump an entree on the floor.

Suction plates stick to smooth surfaces like plastic or wood tables, or marble countertops. They're generally divided into sections to organize different foods on the same plate. Since some kids throw their plates when they're served something they don't like, (while others do it when they're angry or bored) the multiple-sections design is complementary, allowing kids to finish whichever part of the meal they want to without having an undesired portion spoil the entire meal.

A great help for children


Suction plates help to reduce food waste even more since less of it ends up on the floor, and that means both less cleanup time and less prep time since parents have to cook less food.

They also help build independence, by giving kids an easier-to-handle version of normal eating rather than a completely different approach like a highchair with a food tray.

Suction plates, like retractable ceiling fans are part of a class of products that sell much better in video feeds like Tiktok than in photo feeds like Instagram. With suction plates, seeing them in action requires motion. The “suction plate” tag has 460M views on TikTok, which has contributed significantly towards this product’s sales.


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