SPC flooring

In cities like New York and San Francisco, many leases include a surprising clause: that 80% of flooring should be carpeted. This rule is mostly to reduce noise, since carpets are vibration-absorbent, which is especially helpful in a more crowded dwelling like an apartment complex.

Carpets are falling in popularity, both for aesthetic reasons and due to concerns about allergies, so more people are buying uncarpeted floors. While hardwood flooring is still a default option, more and more homeowners and landlords are opting for new materials. One popular option is stone plastic composite, or SPC flooring.

SPC flooring is a dense and durable material that can be bought with patterns that look like wood, stone, or other materials.

And not only is it long-lasting, but its scratch-resistant properties make it especially appealing to landlords, who get less wear and tear when tenants move in and out. Even when it does get damaged, individual pieces can be removed and replaced without removing the entire floor.

SPC flooring also has sound-reducing properties, meaning it serves some of the same functions carpeting does for the landlord—and the neighbors. Soundproofing has gotten more important as more people work from home, increasing both the ambient level of noise during the day and how sensitive tenants are to it.


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