Luxury Picnic

Picnics that go beyond the traditional

A growing number of workers are quitting their full-time jobs to become self-employed luxury picnic planners, and are often making more than they were before.

While many event planners budget for event space rental costs, picnics typically happen on public land. And as many are finding, permitting practices haven’t caught up with the explosion in luxury picnic companies.

A great experience

Beyond Covid’s acceleration of picnics, the explosion is happening against the backdrop of a growing theme: outdoor nature experiences are being made more lux, from glamping to overlanding, and now luxury picnics. For some people, the fun of nature activities is dealing with nature itself, but for others, a bit too much exposure to nature gets in the way of a good time.

The current volume of activity around luxury picnics matches with glamping’s first blip of activity in the summer of 2009. Over the past decade, Glamping has grown over a hundredfold to an industry that profits from the sale of everything from equipment and content to land rental and tours.










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