[Trends] Lemon.io

Lemon is a platform for finding software developers to work on specific projects.

Formerly known as “Coding Ninjas”, the site claims to match startups to a suitable developer in 24 hours or less.

There are more than 350 vetted on-demand developers on the platform. And the top freelancers make roughly $6K per month.

Devs are hired at an hourly rate. Rates which are up to 49% lower than the industry average. CTOs can also be hired for additional custom rates.

Lemon keeps a 25% cut of the revenue, on average. Lemon’s gross revenue hit $2.73M in 2020. And the startup is targeting $10M in annual revenue for 2021.

What's next:
Lemon is part of the remote hiring platforms meta trend.

According to Deloitte, 34% of Americans believe they will be working from home permanently.

RemoteOK posts remote jobs focused around the tech industry. Annual revenue is $1.07M.

Other fast-growing platforms in the space include WeWorkRemotely, Working Nomads, and Skip the Drive.

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