[Trends] Greenery wall

Aside from bad service, the most common restaurant complaint is noise, according to a recent Zagat survey.

Plants are a common way to reduce noise levels in restaurants with extra space. But for restaurants in congested cities, rent is a major expense, which means that every decision has to be considered in light of how much space it's taking up—or, to be more precise, how many tables it costs.

By turning plants from a 3D object to a 2D one, greenery walls are a space-sensitive way to address the noise issue. And unlike unsightly soundproof panels, they’re aesthetically appealing.

Loud restaurants are a circular problem. The louder it is, the more people will raise their voices in order to communicate. And the issues don’t just stop at guest discomfort. One of the leading sellers of sound dampening panels for restaurants even mentions fewer dish ordering mistakes, thus lower food waste.

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