Finger sleeve

The importance of finger sleeves


The value of a human thumb is worth on average $35,000, according to some insurance companies, which is almost six times as much as a pinky, and twice as much as a pointer finger.

Worker's compensation and accident insurance have to put precise values on all sorts of outcomes, including injuries to specific body parts. The value of different body parts is not just a concern for actuaries though, since many jobs are thumb-dependent. As eSports and gaming are on the rise, players are increasingly buying finger sleeves to keep their thumbs tapping at peak-performance.

Finger sleeves predate the existence of gaming and previously targeted arthritis sufferers, we wrote about tall toilets, which also started out as a product for the disabled market before attaining mass appeal). On Amazon, the gap between these products is visible: the medical ones tend to come in muted tones like beige while finger sleeves targeting gamers are often in a red and black color scheme. The prices, too, vary.

Fingers and play

Gamers use them partly to avoid injury, but another important use case is that phones get less sensitive when people's hands are sweaty, and sweat can also make it harder to swipe quickly. While this isn't a problem for regular phone use, competitive mobile gamers care about it.

Unlike gaming headphones, it's hard to market a product like this on Twitch, since camera angles often don't show a player's hands. But the market for gamer-related products is growing. As companies like Aimlab have shown, there's demand for products that improve gamer performance, whether it's a tool that competitive professionals need or a tool that aspirational pro gamers buy in the hopes that it will be necessary.

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