[Trends] Dog diapers

Searches for “dog diapers” have increased 95% in the last 5 years.

Dog diapers are just what they sound like: diapers for dogs who haven’t been potty-trained. Or for older dogs with incontinence.

There are many different categories within the dog diaper space:

“Belly band” diapers for male dogs, full wraparound diapers with tail holes, escape-proof diaper overalls, and more.

There are even Amazon Basics dog diapers.

What's next:
Dog diapers are part of the “pet hygiene products” meta trend.

There are two trends working together to drive demand in pet hygiene products: First, pet ownership rates are increasing each year. Second, new house sizes are shrinking at the same time.

Examples of booming pet hygiene products include:

Nail grinders: used to trim dog nails more easily than traditional dog nail clippers.

PrettyLitter: dust-free cat litter that detects health problems in urine by changing color.

Litter-Robot: a self-cleaning litter box.

As well as dog toothpaste, cat pheromones, pet wipes, and Grannick’s Bitter Apple.

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