Balloon shine

Balloons: The demand for party supplies

The average number of balloons per party has been on the rise. Due to factors like the lasting effects of the global helium shortage and the growing popularity of electric balloon pumps, consumers are increasingly using a greater number of balloons and often skipping the helium.

Searches for “balloon arches” are up 76% YoY and “balloon garlands” up 71%. But more balloons means more prep time needed to fill them, so consumers are starting to set up balloons farther in advance.

Holidays and special meetings are now prepared in advance


This has brought a new problem to light: balloons’ shine can fade quickly. If half a dozen balloons are inflated hours before the party starts, this isn't noticeable, but if hundreds are inflated a day or two before, it's clear. This has sparked demand for balloon shine spray, which keeps latex balloons bright and shiny long after they've been inflated. While a balloon’s lifespan used to be bottlenecked by helium, it’s now often the shine.

Balloon shine has been used for years by balloon retailers since they prefer to keep displays up for as long as possible. Some balloon shine customers are former party store employees who learned about the product there. Now consumers are learning to use it, too.




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