Alcohol Gummies

The evolution of alcoholic gummies

DIY Alcohol gummies have been a party hack for decades, but they take 24 hours to prep. The pre-packaged alcohol gummies category, still in its infancy, is now taking off and has strong potential to become a much larger category.

Evolving party dynamics are, in part, driving the growth of alcohol gummies: Party-goers increasingly have one hand occupied with their phone and card-based party games are getting more and more common.

An alternative when it comes to organizing parties

Hosts also say taking drinks out of the equation is an easy way to avoid spills and makes them more comfortable leaving expensive furniture uncovered. A product that makes a consumer more likely to host parties and to use that product at the parties has a natural built-in viral loop.

Any time a snack is convenient to eat but inconvenient to prepare, there's an opportunity for a brand to offer a pre-packaged version. While there’s only a single brand selling alcohol gummies now, along with a handful of Etsy sellers, we expect the category to grow significantly.


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