ACV Gummies: new approach for health benefits ?


Apple cider vinegar (AVG) was one of the biggest superfood trends of 2017. That’s because ACV has a host of potential health benefits, like managing blood sugar levels. It’s also high in antioxidants. There’s only one problem: it tastes horrible.

Are Gummies a host of different nutrients and compounds ?

gummiesGummy candies, also called jelly candies. Soft, chewy sweets.

Which may be one reason that many people have trouble sticking to an ACV regimen over the long term.

While many brands have attempted to mask the taste with flavored drinks, brands like Goli Gummies are taking a different approach. They’re infusing gummies with ACV. And, based on the spiking demand for ACV gummies, they seem to be succeeding.

What's next?

Gummies are becoming the de facto delivery system for a host of different nutrients and compounds. Recent examples include CBD Gummies and elderberry gummies (edible candy that contains elderberry which is considered to be an antiviral with many immunity-boosting benefits).

And as Goli Gummies has proven, the “compound + gummy” formula can be applied to pretty much anything.

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